SFN meets UFC

Plop 30,000 neuroscientists into a downtown core and around 6pm you better be figuring out where you’re going to eat. We found such a place. It was perfect. Then the music turned off and the TV volume went up. Conversation waned. People were fighting! Blood! Joints cracking! But we just want to talk…but…this is kinda intriguing! So, here you have it – neuroscientists watch UFC. Photos by Shaina and Jason.


  1. Just did a random search for neuroscience +ufc. Trying to understand why some people choose to do this (best each other…’s brains to not so functional).I started with boxing in the Ali era but UFC is just so much more refined….the blood stains on the floor wouldn’t show in B&W SD anyway. This is the top result. My hypermoralistic tendencies make me want to shame anyone who claims to be a student of human behaviour via neuroscience while simultaneously enjoying UFC fights. The unbiased observer says super intriguing behaviour on display here. Anyway. …if you love human kind, try not to smile when this happens. You DO have the power to userp and overwrite the violent tendencies we have developed over the eons. Good luck and remember – you don’t have to be a barbarian to get by. There’s room for civilized thought still.

    • Hi Alex – I pretty much completely agree here and my intention by posting photos of people smiling was not to promote UFC or fighting, though I see how it could leave that impression. Any/most shots of people smiling is just a result of being together and hanging out with friends, regardless of what was on the screen.

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