Activity patterns in the hippocampus

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In order to investigate the relationship between an animal’s behaviour and neuronal network activity we are looking at immediate early gene activation in neurons after animals learned a task or were exposed to a novel situation for example. This way we can correlate the activity of certain brain regions with…

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Prox1 antibody woes

Antibodies are funny. Funny in that sometimes they work and sometimes they don’t, sometimes they have different names at different vendors, and sometimes papers do, and sometimes they don’t, specify the catalog number of the antibody they used. So a bit of detective work is required if you want to…

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Neurogenesis and forgetting lab lunch

Yesterday we took advantage of some great weather and ate lunch outside while reading the recent neurogenesis-forgetting paper from the Frankland/Josselyn group. It basically flips the field on its head by looking at retrograde effects of neurogenesis on memory, instead of the usual approach of looking at neurogenesis effects on…

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Interneuron Stack

We demo’d an Olympus FV1200 confocal microscope, which I used to acquire these images of a couple interneurons, labelled with GFP. The video was made with Imaris, which offers some cool moviemaking features that you won’t find in your standard confocal software. BEST VIEWED IN HD!!!