Functional Neurogenesis, 2009-2013


Herein lies the remains of the Functional Neurogenesis blog*. However, whereas bodily remains decompose and serve no purpose other than to provide DNA for paternity tests, it is our hope that these intellectual remains will continue to educate for years to come.

The FN blog was an early neuroscience blog and remains one of the larger online resources on adult neurogenesis. My goal was to share ideas, data, literature reviews etc in a way that was more speculative, fun and informal than you can do in a traditional peer-reviewed journal, but I aimed for accuracy and quality at the same time. Most of the feedback came from personal interactions at meetings, where I met many people who found it useful for learning about neurogenesis.

Science moves on but it always builds upon the earlier work. Today, the number of papers and their methodological complexity is mind-boggling. How can one master the foundational work while trying to keep up with the current literature?



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