Prox1 antibody woes

Antibodies are funny. Funny in that sometimes they work and sometimes they don’t, sometimes they have different names at different vendors, and sometimes papers do, and sometimes they don’t, specify the catalog number of the antibody they used. So a bit of detective work is required if you want to…

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Neurogenesis and forgetting lab lunch

Yesterday we took advantage of some great weather and ate lunch outside while reading the recent neurogenesis-forgetting paper from the Frankland/Josselyn group. It basically flips the field on its head by looking at retrograde effects of neurogenesis on memory, instead of the usual approach of looking at neurogenesis effects on…

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Interneuron Stack

We demo’d an Olympus FV1200 confocal microscope, which I used to acquire these images of a couple interneurons, labelled with GFP. The video was made with Imaris, which offers some cool moviemaking features that you won’t find in your standard confocal software. BEST VIEWED IN HD!!!

RSS is (not) dead (to me)

I’ve thought of writing about RSS feeds for scientists for a couple of years now so it’s kind of funny that I’ve only gotten around to it 3 days before Google shuts down Reader. And it must be important to me because this is my first post in 6 months…

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A formal invitation to join the Snyder lab

My UBC Psychology page and Neuroscience links are up. Grad school application deadlines are approaching. I think it’s time to formally advertise that… I WANT YOU IN MY LAB! The lab’s goal is to identify the role of adult neurogenesis in memory and stress-related behaviours. We inhibit neurogenesis with transgenic…

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Forming and recalling memories. Artificially.

Memory manipulation has become one of the most hotly pursued topics in neuroscience. After all, much or of who are is based on what we’ve learned, including memories that we can consciously recall as well as acquired desires and habits that can lead to problems like addiction. In rodents, we’ve known…

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Google Scholar vs. Scopus & Web of Science

A couple of interesting correspondences (here and here) just appeared in Nature on the legitimacy of Google Scholar for tracking citations. Interesting because I’ve recently been pondering the same issue but came up with the opposite conclusion, namely that Google Scholar is actually a better tool for tracking citations than…

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