Open Access Publishing Practicalities

I have long been interested in the culture of science, including publishing practices related to open access and dissemination of scientific knowledge. Given certain career constraints I have identified ~20 potential papers the Snyder Lab should publish in the next couple of years. This has forced my publishing perspective to incorporate some practical…

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Neurofutures Conference 2017

This gallery contains 70 photos.

The 2017 Neurofutures conference was held at UBC. It was a great opportunity to learn about the latest neuroscience technologies and tools – fluorescent probes, tissue clearing and imaging, expansion microscopy techniques, synthetic protein engineering, and more. The 3rd day was a hands-on workshop on many of the methods that were presented, and…

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What’s all the Fos about? (staining protocol)

Many studies on memory and learning utilize the immediate early gene c-Fos as an indicator of recent synaptic activity. By quantifying c-Fos positive neurons, we can compare activity across different populations in the brain, and analyze co-labelled neurons with other useful cell markers such as BrdU and Doublecortin. Our lab…

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Undergraduation 2017

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Massive turnover in the Snyder Lab this year! In one week alone we had JD, Jerry, Delane and Erin graduate. Not that they all are leaving at this exact instant (“Got my degree, screw you guys I’m outta here!”), but soon. Soon you will also see the fruits of their…

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SFN 2017 Abstracts

This year’s SFN abstracts, for your anticipatory pleasure! INTERACTIONS BETWEEN ADULT-BORN AND DEVELOPMENTALLY-BORN NEURONS DURING LEARNING Alyssa Ash, Jack Clemans-Gibbon, Timothy O’Leary, Erin Chahley, Desiree Seib, Jason Snyder One feature that sets the dentate gyrus (DG) of the hippocampus apart from other regions of the brain is its ability to produce…

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SFN meets UFC

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Plop 30,000 neuroscientists into a downtown core and around 6pm you better be figuring out where you’re going to eat. We found such a place. It was perfect. Then the music turned off and the TV volume went up. Conversation waned. People were fighting! Blood! Joints cracking! But we just want…

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Lab Portrait March in May

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Beginning of summer is a good time to get everyone together. Exams are finished. Some have more time to contribute, some move on to new phases of their careers, and new faces arrive. And I now have a compact tripod that fits in my bike bag, which means we can take lab…

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SFN 2016 Abstracts (5 of em!)

The Snyder lab, along with collaborators in the Psychology Department at UBC, will be presenting FIVE posters at SFN this year! Here they are, in order of how hard it was for me to find them on my hard drive, email etc. EARLY SURVIVAL AND DELAYED DEATH OF DEVELOPMENTALLY-BORN DENTATE…

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Survival of neurons born in development vs. adulthood

Those who know me know that I love timecourses. Everything changes over time and by characterizing these changes we can understand a phenomenon in its entirety, hopefully. We certainly can’t understand it if we don’t know how it changes over time! Despite all of the neurogenesis timecourse data I’ve summarized previously, there are still some…

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